100% of donations go to directly to bringing water to communities in Ghana, Africa

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Our Team

The two team members making the trip to Africa this year are Rod and Brian.  But it takes a great team of people at home to support the Missionaries.  For we know that without everyone's help and support, we could not do what we have been called to do.


Our History

We at Marne UMC have been doing short term Mission trips to Haiti for 10 years, and Ghana, Africa for 2 years.  We hold numerous fundraising events throughout the year to have money for special projects in our Mission fields.  We have built numerous houses in Haiti, along wit a new school, repaired a medical clinic, and repaired numerous homes. In Africa over the past two years, we have drilled 4 new water wells, built 6 water storage cisterns, and repaired at least 6 broken water pumps.


Our Mission

Our main mission is to spread the Love of Jesus Christ throughout the world to those who may not know of his Love and Grace.  Our secondary Mission is to bring clean drinking water to those who do not have access to it.  As they say in Africa "Water is Life"

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